Products & Services

A gift. Our full suite of products and services allows you to keep your finances organized while being efficient. Below are some of the products and services Newburyport Bank offers customers:


On track. FinanceWorks allows you to view all of your accounts at a variety of financial institutions in one place. Bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments can all be tracked by this one simple service, which Newburyport Bank offers to our customers for free.

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To access FinanceWorks, login to your online banking, select manage money, select FinanceWorks, and follow the steps on your screen.


Hassle free. A personal payment service that lets you send money to friends, family, or anyone at all, if you have their name, email address, or mobile phone number. Need to pay your roommate for your share of the rent; send money to your child away at college; pay your landscaper for this month's bill? Use Popmoney today!

To access Popmoney, login to your online banking, select move money, select external transfers, and follow the steps on your screen.


Orderly. Remove the clutter and hassle from paying and tracking bills through the mail by paying all of your bills electronically and automatically (if you choose) online. Setup alerts for scheduled payments, due dates, and more so that you never miss a payment again. Newburyport Bank offers unlimited BillPay to personal banking customers.

To register, login to your online banking account, select Bill Pay, and follow the prompts on screen to complete registration.

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Purchase Rewards

Cash Back. Earn cash back for everyday purchases at select retailers near you. Shop online or in stores to redeem your offers by paying with your Newburyport Bank debit card. Cash you earn during the month will be deposited into your account at the end of the next month.

To access purchase rewards, login to your online banking account and select purchase rewards to activate your exclusive online offers at the places you like to shop.


Piece of cake. Customers access TurboTax through Newburyport Bank's online banking to receive a discount on TurboTax preparation services. TurboTax is easy to use and a great tool to make your tax preparation and filing as easy as possible.


Paperless. Tired of getting a paper statement in the mail and tossing it out right away? Simply login to online banking and click the eStatements button to get started.

Quickbooks® and Quicken®

Seamless. Newburyport Bank's online banking PMF Connect software enables you to directly and easily access and download your most recent account information and upload to Quicken® or Quickbooks®.