Certificate of Deposit Accounts

Term Interest Type Minimum Opening Deposit Amount  
Less than 12 Months Simple $2,500 Open Online Now!
12 Months and Greater Compound $2,500 Open Online Now!
Companion CD Simple $5,000 Open Online Now!


Competitive. An excellent use of extra money you won't need access to for some time, and would like to earn competitive interest on. A great addition to your financial portfolio.

Features of CDs:

  • Interest bearing account with term options
  • Deposits insured in full by FDIC and DIF

Account Requirements:

  • Minimum opening deposit amount

Incorporated Business

  • Business name
  • EIN of the business
  • Completed business questionnaire
  • Articles of incorporation

Sole Proprietor

  • Owner's name
  • Business name
  • Completed business questionnaire
  • Business certificate

Early Withdrawal Penalty:

  • A penalty equaling the loss of 1/2 of the interest that would have been earned on the amount withdrawn for the remaining days until the maturity of the CD

CD/IRA Rates

Companion CD Account

Better Together. This companion account allows you to have access to the benefits of a high yield interest rate CD account while having a Companion Checking account.

Features of your Companion CD Account:

  • High yield interest
  • One time penalty free withdrawal after first 7 days of opening
  • Deposits insured in ful by FDIC and DIF

Account Requirements:

Companion CD Account Rates