Dependable. Saving money is always a good idea, and the right bank account can make it rewarding. Whether you are just starting to build your savings, or are close to retirement, Newburyport Bank has the perfect option to help you reach your savings goals.

Ensuring that your savings needs are met with competitive rates and products... isn't that the way banking should be?

Account Types If You're Looking For Highlights Term Restrictions  
Savings Accounts An account to save extra money for your next big purchase, funds are easily accessible Interest earning account with withdrawal flexibility and no minimum balance No Open Online Now!
Money Market Accounts Competitive interest bearing accounts with check writing privileges Tiered interest account with check writing privileges No Open Online Now!
CD Accounts Higher interests rates and are able to put money away for longer period of time Competitive interest rates with varying time commitments Yes Open Online Now!
IRA Accounts A secure account to save for your retirement Tax free or tax deferred growth on earnings Yes Visit Us Today