Say hello to Newburyport Bank

What’s old is new. We have a new look, a simplified name, and a renewed enthusiasm to help neighbors and businesses navigate life’s journey for good.

bank exterior

Why evolve?

When we realized that our formal name, Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank, was really detracting from the simple and modern image we want for our bank, we decided it was time for a change. (In fact, people had been referring to us by something like nine different names.)

What’s new?

Our name is now simply Newburyport Bank. We kept everything you love best, and added a new simplicity and straightforwardness we hope you’ll agree is refreshing. We’ve changed up our look too, with new colors and visual ideas that project who we are today and who we plan to be in the days to come.

A new message to tell

Newburyport Bank is sending a new and different message as well. We have always represented the core values that are integral to living and working here in the Seacoast region—respect, fairness, commitment, integrity and professionalism, heritage, nostalgia, independence, love, volunteerism, adaptability, enthusiasm and philanthropy. And now, our new tagline encapsulates that approach to banking. Journey well.

A new story

Few things in life are more important than simply enjoying the adventure. Journey well. We’re here to provide everything you need, and even something more. When you bank here, you are part of something bigger. Together, we’re banking with purpose, making a difference, impacting the Seacoast, sharing life and making our community better. We’re here to help you navigate life’s journey.

Our promise

We promise to help neighbors and businesses navigate life’s journey well. We are that strong, independent, community partner you’ve trusted for decades, only now we’re called Newburyport Bank.

Say hello to Newburyport Bank

Visit our new website and tell us what you think. Check us out on all your favorite social media channels. Or simply stop by any of our offices, which are being refreshed as well. We look forward to being your new and better Newburyport Bank.