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Your Journey to Financial Wellness.

We all face financial decisions—some are exciting, others are stressful.  Whether you are preparing to buy your first home, starting a new career, expecting a new baby, facing an unexpected expense, or many other situations, Newburyport Bank has partnered with GreenPath to help you journey well toward financial wellness.

What is GreenPath Financial Wellness Counseling?

Financial wellness counseling, also called debt counseling, is a process that helps you manage your finances, understand your credit, establish budgets, and solve problems with debt. GreenPath counselors work with you to:

  • Manage money and debts
  • Create a budget or spending plan
  • Understand credit scores
  • Learn about options, tools and educational resources available for your journey to financial wellness

GreenPath offers free counseling sessions. They help you figure out your personal financial situation and assist with creating an individual personal plan. The counselor will explain different options for getting rid of debt and achieving financial goals. Every situation is different, so the advice and information a counselor shares will vary depending on what makes sense for your individual circumstance.

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At GreenPath, most counseling sessions take place by phone. You can ask one of our counselors to contact you. The first person you talk to will ask you some questions about your financial situation and what you need, and they will connect you to a financial counselor who is an expert in that area.

A typical counseling session takes about an hour and includes:

  • A review of your financial situation
  • An overview of different options for accomplishing your goals
  • Recommendations for your situation
  • Development of a personalized action plan to support you on your journey

Each GreenPath credit counseling session is tailored to your individual needs. On average, we speak with you about your financial goals, from getting out of debt to preparing to buy a home. This conversation helps us establish the framework for your success.

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A New Adventure?

When you commit to getting out of debt, a great thing happens. You chart a course to get there. You become financially empowered. And you become free. We’ll be your guide, lighting the way forward with tangible steps you’ll take to meet your goals. Anything is possible when you have a trusted partner who wants the best for you. Once you conquer debt, your horizon opens up to choices and opportunities. This is a journey for good.

Have you ever wondered if credit counseling might help you? Most of us have never stopped to even think about what credit/ financial wellness counseling is unless we find ourselves facing a financial roadblock. But it is for anyone who is looking to improve, or maintain, their financial health. It’s always better to be proactive about your finances.