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Be More Accessible For Your Customers

The way people pay for your products and services has changed. For most customers, carrying cash is a thing of the past, as they prefer to make payments using debit cards, credit cards or even via their smartphone. We offer services to expand the forms of payment you can accept, expanding your potential customer base.

Wired & Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Debit and credit cards are part of almost everyone’s wallet these days. By installing a new terminal to accept payments from debit cards and credit cards, you’re adding convenience for your customers.

POS Systems

If you’re still using a standard cash register to make sales, it may be time for an upgrade. Adding a new Point of Sale System can make your sale and checkout process more efficient. We’ll train your employees on how to use the system and make sure everything is installed correctly.

Smartphone Card Readers

Some customers don’t want to risk losing their credit card or debit card, so they choose to carry those cards digitally on their smartphone via apps like Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. We can install terminals to accept payments via smartphones to bring your business to the forefront of accepting payments.

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Offering gift cards or starting a loyalty program is a great way to bring new customers to your business. We’ll set you up with a system that allows you to sell gift cards to customers to ensure business is coming back to your operation.

Website Shopping Carts

If you want to give your customers more opportunities to purchase the products and services you offer, setting up a website is a great place to expand your revenue opportunities. With a website shopping cart, your customers can make purchases online without having to come in to your store.

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Bring Merchant Services to Your Business

If you’re ready to make it as easy as possible for your customers to spend money at your business, contact us to get started.

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Online Business Services

Online Business Services
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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

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