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Prepare for Expenses, Both Expected and Unexpected

As a business owner, you always have to have one eye on the future. A business savings account helps you stay prepared for upcoming purchases or unplanned costs that come up. Whether you’re a small business that can only save a little, or a larger business that can save more, we can help.

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Statement Savings

It’s the right savings account for you if…

You want a straightforward business savings account.

Benefits & features

Interest bearing account

Capable of receiving direct deposit

Withdrawal flexibility

No minimum balance required

Deposits insured in full by FDIC and DIF

Limits and fees (and how to avoid them)

$10 required to open the account

How to open**

Visit one of our branches!


Bring the following:

  • Incorporated Business

Business name

EIN of the business

Completed business questionnaire

Articles of incorporation

  • Sole Proprietor

Owner's name

Business name

Completed business questionnaire

Business certificate

*Non SUM, MoneyPass and Allpoint ATM networks may charge a separate fee

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