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Treasury Management

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Keep Control of Your Cashflow

The movement of money in and money out is crucial to any business. Our Treasury Management Services can help any business – from corner shops and professional services to larger businesses – streamline their finances for simpler account management.

Bringing Money In

Merchant Services

Upgrade your payment systems to accept debit cards, credit cards, smartphone payments or online orders.

Explore Merchant Service

Remote Deposit Capture

Stop wasting time driving your business checks to the bank. Remote deposit capture gives you the power to deposit checks securely from your office or workplace, even from multiple locations!

Managing Money Securely

Check Positive Pay

This system prevents fraud with payments you submitted with a check. It compares the check presented with the original check issue detail to ensure the amounts match up.


Sending Money Out

Direct Payroll Deposit

No more payroll checks! Direct payroll deposit gives your employees the benefit of having their pay deposited electronically to their accounts. They get access to money faster, and you don’t have to wait for physical checks to be deposited.

Wire Transfers

Send and receive funds electronically to accounts at other banks with Wire Transfers. This creates a faster, easier, more secure way of managing money spread across multiple institutions.

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Optimize Your Accounts Today

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Online Business Services

Online Business Services
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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

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