Online Services Support

We're here to help. Technology can be frustrating when it doesn't work properly, but knowing how to use the tools can make your life much easier. Please feel free to call us during business hours at (978)462-3136 ext. 7189. If you have any questions, see steps below that can quickly solve common problems you could be facing.

Browser Settings

It is important to first find out which browser you are using to access your online banking. Click here to find which browser and version you are currently using.

We recommend you use the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari 9
  • Internet Explorer 11 & 9

Unsupported Browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7 and earlier.
If you use an older version, upon login you will see a message informing you that they are using an outdated browser and should upgrade to a more modern browser.
Mozilla Firefox version 3
If you use an older version of Firefox, you should upgrade to the latest version.

BillPay Support

Common Concerns:

If your concern is listed below please call Newburyport Bank at (978) 462-3136 ext. 7189, after hours call FIS at (800) 823-7555

  • BillPay processing issues (if in regard to a specific payment, please have your confirmation number available)
  • Stop payment request
  • Transactions that returns indicating an unsuccessful status
  • Unable to add electronic payee due to unsupported account number format
  • Using the BillPay system
  • Questions about BillPay terms and conditions (disclosure)
  • Cancelling your BillPay service

Things to keep in mind when scheduling bills:

  • Due to legal requirements, FIS limits the ability to make certain payments.
    • Payments to payees outside the United States are prohibited
    • Tax Payments to the Internal Revenue Services or any state/government agencies are discouraged but may be scheduled at your own risk.
    • Court-ordered payments, such as alimony or child support payments to insurance companies are discouraged but may be scheduled at your own risk.
  • Even though you may see the withdrawal from your checking account; this does not mean the payee has received their payment. The Bill Pay Vendor sends payments on your behalf and subsequently withdraws the money from your account the next business day. So verification of payment is recommended.
  • Check payments are sent via United States Postal Service and then once received by payee it could still take days for that payee to process the payment. As a result, we cannot initiate a service request for “payment not posted” until approximately 10 business days after the payment was sent.